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Final Cut London

Final Cut London


3rd Floor, 13-14 Margaret Street


London, UK

Telephone: +44 20 7636 1464
E-mail: michelle_c@finalcut-edit.com
Website: http://www.finalcut-edit.com/



Final Cut is a creative editorial company, working across advertising, film and television. Our offices in London, New York and LA are home to many of the industry's most celebrated editors. Dedicated to craft and collaboration, we are a trusted creative partner to top directors, agencies and brands.


Our Editors:

Amanda James

Ari Tomasettig

Ashley Kreamer

Ben Stephens

Betty Jo Moore

Chris Amos

Crispin Struthers

Claire McGonigal

Dan Sherwen

Darren Baldwin

David Webb

Ed Cheesman

James Rosen

JD Smyth

Jeff Buchanan

Jim Helton

Jim Weedon

Joe Guest

Kit Wells

Lucy Berry

Michael Dart Wadsworth

Miky Wolf

Patrick Colman

Richard Learoyd

Rick Russell

Ryan Beck

Sarah Iben

Spencer Averick

Spencer Campbell

Steve Ackroyd

Struan Clay

Suzy Davis

Zoe Schack

Significant Others:

Color Collective - Colour 

Dirk Greene - VFX 

Phillip Brooks - Graphics 


Our work has been honoured with the following awards-


-AICE (Association for Creative Editors)/Best Montage/Lurpak 'Adventure Awaits'

-AICE (Association for Creative Editors)/Best Storytelling/John Lewis 'Monty's Christmas'

-AICP/Advertising Excellence International/Guinness 'Made of Black'

-AICP/Best PSA Shortlist/Evolve 'Playthings'

-AICP Next/Cause Marketing Shortlist/Sandy Hook Promise 'Monsters Under the Bed'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Arla Skyr 'The Messenger'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Department for Transport 'Celebrate'

  • -APA Show, APA Collection, Finish 'Dishes'

-APA Show, APA Collection, First Direct 'Little Frill'

  • -APA Show, APA Collection, Freeview 'Left Behinds'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Guinness 'Made of Black'

  • -APA Show, APA Collection, Ikea 'The Joy of Storage'

  • -APA Show, APA Collection, John Lewis 'Monty's Christmas'

  • -APA Show, APA Collection, Save The Children 'It's Gotta Be Me'

  • -APA Show, APA Collection, Thinkbox 'Harvey & Harmony'

-British Arrows/Gold Over :90 TV Commercial, Gold Retail, Silver Best Integrated/John Lewis 'Monty's Christmas'

-British Arrows/Gold :60-:90 Cinema Commercial, Gold :30-:60 TV Commercial, Gold Dairy Product/Lurpak 'Adventure Awaits'

-British Arrows/Bronze Telecommunication Services/Three 'Sing It Kitty

-British Arrows/Bronze :60-:90 TV Commercial, Silver Household Soaps/Axe 'Soulmates'

-British Arrows/Silver PSA, Bronze :60-:90 Cinema Commercial, Bronze :30-:60 TV Commercial/Think! 'Celebrate'

-British Arrows/Silver :20 Commercial, Bronze Fashion/M&S 'Getting Dressed By Myself'

-British Arrows/Bronze TV and Radio Promotion/BBC 'God Only Knows'

-British Arrows/Bronze Fashion/COS 'The Sound of COS'

-British Arrows/Bronze Retail, Finalist :30-:60TV Commercial, Finalist UK TV Series/Ikea 'Tshirts'

-British Arrows/Gold Over :90 TV Commercial, Gold Retail, Silver Best Integrated/John Lewis 'Monty's Christmas'

-British Arrows/Advertiser of Excellence, Finalist Corporate/John Lewis 'Never Standing Still'

-British Arrows/Finalist Fashion/Lycra 'Lycra Moves You'

-British Arrows/Finalist International/Guinness 'Made of Black'

-British Arrows/Finalist Telecommunications Services/Freeview 'Left Behinds'

-British Arrows/Finalist Transportation/Virgin Atlantic 'The Idea'

-British Arrows/Finalist Best Integrated, Finalist Web Based Series/Pepsi Max 'Unbelievable Campaign (Chain Reaction)'

-Cannes Film Festival/Official Selection/'Love Comes Later

-Cannes Lion Awards/Silver Retail/Ikea 'TShirts'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Grand Prix Film Craft, Gold Branded Content, Bronze Integrated, Silver Retail/John Lewis 'Monty's Christmas'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Bronze Publications & Media/BBC 'God Only Knows

-Cannes Lion Awards/Gold Alcoholic Drinks, Shortlist Editing/Guinness 'Made of Black'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Bronze Public Health/Think! 'Celebrate'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Silver Household Goods/Finish 'Dishes'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Bronze Cars/Audi 'Scripted'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Shortlist Corporate Image/John Lewis 'Never Standing Still'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Shortlist Banking/Prudential 'Designing for Naomi Watts'

-Clios/Bronze Film Technique Edit/ Lurpak 'Adventure Awaits' 

-Clios/Gold Film 1-5 min, Shortlist Film Technique EditDiageo Guinness 'Made of Black' 

-Clios/Silver Film 1-5 min, Silver Integrated Campaign, John Lewis 'Monty' 

-Clios/Bronze Film 30-60/Apple 'Your Verse/Jason's Verse' 

-Clios/Bronze Film 30-60/Finish 'Dishes' 

-Clios/Bronze Film 1-5 min/Apple 'Your Verse/Anthem'

-Clios/Silver Film 1-5 min/Axe 'Soulmates'

-Clios/Bronze Branded Content Film/Sandy Hook Promise 'What They Left Behind'

-Clios Silver Film 30-60/Department of Transportation 'Celebrate'

-D&AD/Wood Pencil Editing, Graphite Pencil TV Commercial, Graphite Pencil Cinema Commercial/Lurpak 'Adventure Awaits'

-D&AD/Wood Pencil TV Commercials, Wood Pencil Integrated/John Lewis 'Monty'

-D&AD/Graphite Branded Content/Stella Artois 'Sandman'

-D&AD/Wood Pencil TV Commercials/Axe 'Soulmates'

-D&AD/Wood Pencil Editing/Guinness 'Sapeurs'

-D&AD/Wood Pencil Branded Film/Guinness 'Sapeurs' Documentary

-Kinsale Shark Awards/Best Editing/Guinness 'Made of Black'


-AICE (Association for Creative Editors)/Best of NY Award/Coalition to Stop Gun Violence 'Stand Up to Stand Your Ground'

-AICE (Association for Creative Editors)/Alternative Media Over :90 Shortlist/Gillette 'Training Tracks'

-AICE Camp Kuleshov/Graphic Design Award/Street Car Named Desire Meets Urban Love Story

-AICP/Shortlist (Association of Independent Commercial Producers)/Shortlist/Gillette 'Training Tracks'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Booking.com 'Epic' 

-APA Show, APA Collection, Freeview 'Cat & Budgie'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Guinness 'Sapeurs'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Ikea 'One Room Paradise'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Axe 'Soulmates'

-APA Show, APA Collection, John Lewis 'Never Standing Still'

-APA Show, APA Collection, John Lewis 'Things Matter'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Second Chance 'Ban the Box'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Lurpak Adventure Awaits'

-APA Show, APA Collection,St John 'Save the Boy'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Three 'The Ride'

-APA Show, APA Collection,Talk Talk 'Date Night'

-Art Directors Club/Gold Online Advertising/BITC 'Second Chance (Parts 1-4)'

-British Arrows/Gold Alcoholic Drinks, Silver Best :60-:90 TV Commercial/Guinness 'Sapeurs'

-British Arrows/Silver Telecommunications Services/Date Night 'Talk Talk'

-British Arrows/Bronze Financial/First Direct 'Platypus'

-British Arrows/Bronze Financial/John Lewis 'Things Matter'

-British Arrows/Silver Charity, Silver Best :30-:60 TV Commercial/St John Ambulance 'Save the Boy'

-British Arrows/Silver Direct Response, Bronze Charity/BITC 'Second Chances' 

-British Arrows/Silver Alcoholic Drinks/Guinness “Sapeurs 5″ Documentary

-British Arrows Craft Awards/Editing Gold/ Lurpak 'Adventure Awaits'

-Campaign Big Awards/Film Alcoholic/Guinness 'Sapeurs' 

-Campaign Big Awards/Film IT/Three 'The Ride'

-Campaign Big Awards/Film Grocery/Lurpak 'Adventure Awaits'

-Campaign Big Awards/Film Charity/Business in the Community 'Second Chance'

-Campaign Big Awards/Film Financial/ John Lewis 'Things Matter'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Film Silver, Film Craft Bronze Direction, Film Craft Bronze Production, Film Craft Bronze Casting, Film Craft Script Shortlist, Film Craft Use of Music Shortlist/Guinness 'Sapeurs'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Film Bronze, Film Craft Gold Direction, Film Craft Gold Cinematography, Film Craft Gold Sound Design/Lurpak ‘Adventure Awaits’

-Cannes Lion Awards/Film Silver, Branded Content Bronze/Guinness 'Sapeurs 5' Documentary

-Cannes Lion Awards/Branded Content Silver/Unilever Cornetto ‘Cupidity’

-Cannes Lion Awards/Use fo Digital Marketing Bronze, Public Awareness Message Bronze/BITC 'Second Chance (Parts 1-4)'

-Clios/Film Grand Clio, Film Gold Long form over 5 min, Branded Entertainment & Content Bronze/Guinness 'Sapeurs' Documentary

-Clios/Film Technique Editing Shortlist, Film Gold Short form (between 1-5 minutes)/Guinness 'Sapeurs' 

-Clios/Film Bronze Commercials under 1 min/St John 'Save the Boy'

-Clios/Music Film Bronze Commercials under one 1 min/Three 'The Ride'  

-D&AD/In Book TV and Cinema :21-:40/NBA 'Jingle Hoops' 

-Hollywood Independent Film Festival/Official Selection/'Dotty'

-LIA Awards/Gold Editing, Silver Beverages, Production Design Silver/Guinness 'Sapeurs'

-LIA Awards/Gold Editing/Lurpak 'Adventure Awaits'

-Love Your Shorts Festival/Official Selection/'Dotty'

-One Show, Cinema Advertising Merit Award, Guinness 'Sapeurs' Documentary

-Palm Beach International Festival/Official Selection/'Dotty'

-St Albans Film Festival/Official Selection/'Dotty'

-Toronto Film Festival/Short Cuts Official Selection/'everything & everything & everything'

-Toronto Film Festival/Official Selection/'Manglehorn', 'Papa Machete' (Color Collective @ Final Cut/Significant Others)

-Tribeca Film Festival/Official Selection/'Land Ho', 'Loitering with Intent', 'The One I Love' (Color Collective @ Final Cut/Significant Others)

-Sundance Film Festival/Official Selection/'Land Ho', 'Kumiko', 'Ping Pong Summer', 'Camp X Ray', 'The One I Love' (Color Collective @ Final Cut/Significant Others)

-SHOTS Awards/Editing Company of the Year Winner

-SHOTS Awards/Editor of the Year Shortlist/Joe Guest

-SHOTS Awards/TV Commercial of the Year Shortlist/Lynx 'Soulmates'

-SHOTS Awards/Best Mobile Campaign Shortlist/Three 'Sing It Kitty'

-UKMVA/Best Editing Award, Best Dance Video/UK Shortlist/Jon Hopkins 'Collider' 

-UKMVA/Best Urban Video/UK Award, Best Music Ad Shortlist/Last Night in Paris 'Pure'

-UKMVA/Best Rock Video UK Shortlist/Jake Bugg 'There's a Beast and We All Feed It'

-UKMVA/Best Dance Video International Shortlist/Hercules and Love Affair 'I Try and Talk to You'

-Venice Film Festival/Official Selection/'Manglehorn', 'Cymbeline' (Color Collective @ Final Cut/Significant Others)

-Venice Film Festival/Official Selection/'Blood Cells'


-AICE (Association for Creative Editors) Awards/Edit Beauty Winner/Target Color Changes Everything"

-AICE (Association for Creative Editors) Awards/Edit PSA Finalist /Nanhi Kali "Girl Epidemic"

-AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers)/Best Spec/Groupon "Gorilla"

-APA Show, APA Collection, Robinsons 'Pals'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Morrisons 'Christmas'

-APA Show, APA Collection, John Lewis 'The Journey'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Ikea 'Playing with Friends'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Cow & Gate 'Supergroup'

-APA Show, APA Collection, 'Cravendale'

-APA Show, APA Collection, 'First Direct'

-Art Directors Club Germany/Bronze in Editing/Audi A3

-British Arrows/Gold Retail, Gold :30-:60 Commercial, Silver UK TV/Ikea 'Playing with Friends'

-British Arrows/Gold :60-:90 Commercial, Gold Corporate, Gold Retail, Silver Integrated, /John Lewis 'The Journey'

-British Arrows/Gold Leisure/Paddy Power 'Chav Tranquiliser'

-British Arrows/Gold :30-:60 Commercial, Gold Dairy/Lurpak 'Rainbow'

-British Arrows/Gold Over :90 Web Film/Prometheus 'David'

-British Arrows/Silver Household, Bronze Corporate, Bronze New Advertiser/Safestore 'I Will Return'

-British Arrows/Silver Over :90 Web Film/Prometheus 'TED 2023'

-British Arrows/Silver Integrated/Lynx 'Anarchy'

-British Arrows/Silver Cereal/Crunchy Nut 'Snake'

-British Arrows/Bronze :30-:60 Commercial, Bronze Cereal/Weetabix 'Dad's Big Day'

-British Arrows/Bronze Household/Lynx 'The Chain'

-Cannes Film Festival/Short Film Official Selection/'The Opportunist'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Shortlist Editing, Shortlist Direction/Halo 'Commissioning'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Titanium and Integrated/Prudential 'The Challenge Lab'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Gold Film: Retail, Silver Film: Branded Content Internet Film /Ikea ‘Playing with Friends’

-Cannes Lion Awards/Gold Cyber: Websites Clothing, Silver Cyber: Craft, Photography/Silver Cyber: Craft, User Experience/Geox ‘Geox Amphibiox’ 

-Cannes Lion Awards/Gold Branded Content & Entertainment: Integrated, Bronze Cyber: Best Digitally Led Integrated Campaign/Prometheus Campaign

-Cannes Lion Awards/Silver Film: Non-Alcoholic/Robinsons 'Pals'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Bronze Film: Craft, Production Value/Logitech 'Truce'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Bronze Film: Viral Film/Prometheus 'TED 2023'

-Clios/Shortlist Editing/ Halo 4 'Commissioning;

-Clios/Bronze in Editing, Gold Music-Adapted/Cow & Gate 'Supergroup'

-D&AD/In Book Editing, Nomination Sound/Lurpak 'Rainbow'

-D&AD/In Book Music/John Lewis 'The Journey'

-D&AD/In Book TV :21-:40 Commercial/Safestore 'I Will Return'

-D&AD/In Book TV :41-:60 Commercial/Lurpak 'Rainbow'

-D&AD/In Book TV :61-:120 Commercial/John Lewis 'The Journey'

-Full Frame Documentary Festival/'Homegoings'

-Grammy/ Winner Long Form/'Big Easy Express'

-MOMA Doc Fortnight/Official Selection/'Homegoings'

-NY Film Festival/Official Selection/'Her'

-Shots Awards/Editor of the Year Nomination/Joe Guest

-SXSW/Official Selection/'These Birds Walk'

-Toronto Film Festival/Official Selection/'Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom'

-Tribeca Film Fest/Official Selection/'Oxyana', 'Elaine Stritch', 'Adult World', 'In God We Trust', 'The Moment' (Color Collective @ Final Cut/Significant Others)


-AICE (Association for Creative Editors) Awards/Best Edit Music Video/Raphael Saadiq 'Stone Rollin'

-AICE (Association for Creative Editors) Awards/Best Edit in LA/Xbox 'Endangered Species'

-AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers)/Production, Production Design, Art Direction/Target 'Color Changes Everything'

-AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers)/Performance Dialogue & Viral Film/K Swiss 'MFCEO'

-AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers)/Humor/K Swiss 'Blades'

-AICP (Association of Independent Commercial Producers)/Advertising Excellence/John Lewis 'The Long Wait'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Axe 'The Chain'

-APA Show, APA Collection, British Airways 'The Race'

-APA Show, APA Collection, John Lewis 'The Long Wait'

-APA Show, APA Collection, Lurpak 'Rainbow'

-British Arrows/Gold Commercial of the Year, Gold :60-:90 Cinema Commercial, Gold :60-:90 TV Commercial, Gold Corporate, Gold Retail/John Lewis 'The Long Wait'

-British Arrows/Shortlist Non-Alcoholic Beverages/Robinsons 'Squash for All'

-Cannes Film Festival/Official Selection/'The We and I'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Gold in Editing, Gold in Sound Design, Bronze in Savory Foods/Lurpak 'Rainbow'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Bronze in Retail/John Lewis 'The Long Wait'

-Cannes Lion Awards/Gold Best Integrated Content, Gold Best Fictional Around a Brand, Silver Long Form Internet Film/K Swiss 'MFCEO'

-Campaign Big Awards/Gold in Film/John Lewis 'The Long Wait'

-Campaign Big Wards/Gold in Film/Paddy Power 'Chav Tranquiliser'

-Campaign Big Wards/Big Agency/BBH for brands including Weetabix and Barclays

-Ciclope/Bronze in Editing/Visa 'Bolt v London'

-Clios/Gold in Editing/Lurpak 'Rainbow'

-Clios/Silver in TV Cinema/John Lewis 'The Long Wait'

-Emmy/Commercial of the Year Nomination/Target 'Color is What Changes Everything'

-LIA (London International Advertising) Awards/Gold in Best Edit/Lurpak 'Rainbow'

-LIA (London International Advertising) Awards/Best Edit Shortlist/John Lewis 'The Long Wait'

-MTV VMA/Best Direction Award Nomination/Kanye West & Jay-Z 'Watch the The Throne'

-One Show Interactive Award/Best in Show/K Swiss 'MFCEO'

-One Show Interactive Award/Client of the Year/K Swiss 

-Shots Awards/Editor of the Year Nomination/Joe Guest

-SXSW/Official Selection & Audience Award/'Big Easy Express'

-UKMVA/Editing Shortlist/UNKLE 'Another Night Out

-Vimeo Awards/Best Advertising/K Swiss 'MFCEO'