Paywall-free, democratic and truly international. Little Black Book is a platform that allows creative companies to shine. And gives you full control.

Find new collaborators and clients by joining the growing network of members. Big brand marketers visit the site every day – make sure you get in front of them by joining up. And because we believe that giant networks and tiny start-ups all deserve a voice, membership is affordable and packed with benefits.

One product, one cost, many tools. We can give your company and your work the fame it deserves. Seen monthly by a mix of approx 200,000 brands and creatives. All the below is covered by an annual membership.

Here are the 4 simple pillars of LBB

Pillar 1 - Our News Channel

Our news channel gives you control of your own destiny and is data driven so you can see what really works for you. You can –

Publish your own news to our front page feed:

All news goes straight to the LBB newsfeed. Forget begging for column space. This area is viewed by up to 10,000 creatives/brands a day.

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LBB News on iPhone
LBB News on iPhone

Get creative with Little Black Book

With LBB you can get stuck into the creative conversation.

Many companies are using this site to get out what they really want and can’t elsewhere. And we have the crowd that you want to get to.

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News Collections

You can create a collection using any piece of news content on the site.

The more stuff you have on the site the more you benefit!

All of the news/content can be shared through your social channels and even fed to your own web pages if needed.

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Work with our editorial team

As well as user generated content we also have a fantastic, independent editorial team digging out trends and digging into great work. The editorial team is proud of its freedom and integrity and is always open to bouncing ideas around.

The editorial team creates daily newsletters and covers the whole world.

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Pillar 2 - Our Creative Work Archive

You want your best work to be seen by the world, right? And we presume you don’t want them to pay to see it!

It’s a bustling online marketplace and library that isn’t hidden away behind an expensive paywall. Potential clients and collaborators are here daily hunting for expertise and inspiration.

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Creative Collections

Any user can now create collections from this work section for research or straight up pitching of talent.

It can be used –

Using just this part of the site will change the way you work daily and save you hours. It will also save you an awful lot of spend on those old school pay-to-view archives.

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Pillar 3 - The Immortal Awards

A modern award for the new world of advertising. The Immortal Awards is simply about celebrating the best creative work – no confusing categories or chunky entrance fees. Little Black Book companies get up to five entries. And look out for the global roadshow, bringing creative immortality to the world.

An award with a difference, created to make a difference and celebrate only the best.

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League Table of Creativity

Since we work with the best creative companies in the world, we get the best work from around the globe entered into the Immortals - and this work powers our League Table of Creativity.

Every LBB member that enters or is credited on work submitted into the Immortals scores points, and the table shows in a ranked order:

It’s a ranking that can filtered by region, country and city, as well as company type and year. And our league table will grow year in, year out, with the points scored amassing across time to show who are consistently the most creative companies.

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Pillar 4 - Jobs

Ad land is all about talent. Hunting for the right person can be tough and expensive. Companies with a Little Black Book membership can share an unlimited number of job ads – just think how much job ads in traditional publications cost

Get using now and let us know if your HR department needs a login!

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