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Bestads Six of the Best Reviewed by Juan Pablo Valencia, FCB Artgroup, TICCA region

Each week Bestads picks the very best advertising in the world, in every medium – which is reviewed by a top creative director or team to select their own personal favourites

Bestads Six of the Best Reviewed by Juan Pablo Valencia, FCB Artgroup, TICCA region

This week's guest judge is Juan Pablo Valencia, regional creative advisor, FCB Artgroup (TICCA Region - Turkey, Iran, Caucasus & Central Asia), based in Kazakhstan.

Winner: Fox's 'Skimming a Stone'. Very different from the typical candy advertisements, which are usually full of product demonstrations, about consumption and focused on its

Plus, keeps you following the story very organically until the very end, which definitely helps reinforce the "Satisfactorily Long Lasting" concept and benefit.

Perhaps the beginning is a bit expected due to the well known stone trick, but like any great story, this one is not fully told without its ending. Which by the way was very unexpected!

It was so entertaining that I didn't feel like it was 6 minutes in total (jokes aside), I liked it
very much. Good job and congratulations to the team and agency.

Runner-up: Humankind 'Rewrite History'. Very entertaining and engaging, and the change from the cinematic style to the graphic images of the game connects very well.

But I am just wondering what Brazil has to do with the moon...

I'm afraid it was chosen to show that Brazil could also have reached the moon if the story had been different ... but I think this argument in my opinion sets up a very weak story from the beginning. And the fight, sadly, loses its courage and strength. Thanks to the music, the epic moments are somehow still alive, but if the story started off badly, you will probably have lost interest as you feel there is something wrong.

Therefore, I think it would have been much stronger if the rivalry between two countries - countries that claim to be the first to have landed on the moon - had been made explicit from the beginning, without violence and perhaps with a touch of humor, but a rivalry that would be clear enough
to further reinforce and dramatize the epic battle concept.

However, I may be wrong, and it's just my humble opinion. Nice work!

Winner: France Nature Environment 'The Turtle'. Having seen hundreds of advertisements on the same topic (environmental, natural and animal pollution, global warming, etc.) it is difficult to notice something new on the same topic over and over again.

However, this ad in my opinion has been successful!

In some ways it is an example to continue looking for alternatives to say and reinforce (or repeat the same): The care of our planet in all the senses. And especially today with a threat that is already raging: the waste and effect of used surgical masks.

Everything goes hand in hand, and if we don't take responsibility for where we throw away our used masks, they will obviously end up where we all know... And this campaign illustrates that very well.

No runner up

Winner: MacKenzie Pies 'NZ's Biggest Pie Warmer'. I have always celebrated advertising that not only says a message but reflects it in concrete actions. In this case, the brand and its message become an everyday part of the city, helping people to feel better about the brand. Like a warm hug!

Even though this type of ad is not really new, I like the approach and its interaction.

Perhaps, to have connected it not only with the cold of the environment, but also with the waiting for the bus, I would have added a "timer" near the printed words "get cooking" that as soon as I press the button it shows how many minutes or seconds are left until the next bus. I think this would make it double interactive, emotional and memorable, making the wait more intense and interesting, connecting not only with the cold of the environment but with the waiting for the bus itself. Then, just
imagine that when the bus arrived, the bell rings and it is time to go home.

Once again, I celebrate the effort of the team behind to have managed to get out of the typical traditional OOH (with a printed message and that nobody can see or read normally), for one that is interactive and very connected with the brand.

No Runner up

A tough competition this time on interactive category, but I decided to celebrate the fresh and current works.

Winner:... And the gold medal goes to Canadian Paralympic Committee 'Para Expansion Pack'.

Because obviously it is very in context of the moment. It's a quick reaction of the brand, which takes advantage of the situation to reinforce and to connect its values with their people.

Very well thought! And very interactive by the way: print, assemble, play, learn, and RESPECT! A whole logical sequence considering that the end user will be the children through a positive experience.

Runner up: Johnnie Walker 'Dad's Stories'. An excellent initiative to remember the value and importance of our fathers and not only on his special day.

In a novel, elegant and non-invasive way, with this super interactive idea, the brand invites people to save those stories of our father, with their own voice, so that he continues to tell them forever, generation to generation.

And the detail: "Keep talking", is not only an associated slogan, but also reinforces its already known: "Keep walking" ... a strong point for the brand and the idea.

I am sure that this idea has made and will make many rethink the valuable time that we can still spend with our fathers, listening live and direct the same stories from him, which in the end are what unite us the most to him.

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